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jMUSE is offering pro bono advisory services to cultural organizations

March 2020

Designed for cultural organizations in need of immediate fundraising and scenario planning, public relations, and crisis management assistance during this extraordinary moment. Organizations with a budget of $3 million or less are eligible. Submit a brief request detailing your needs to info@jmuse.org.

Facing the Crisis, Building the Future

April 2020

Museums rely on philanthropy, visitation, and membership to support their existence – a situation which has been thrown into crisis by the worldwide pandemic that impacts all of us. At no other time in recent memory has the whole of the cultural world faced such crisis (and the possibility for innovation and action). Leveraging essential ideas in the museum space is now more urgent than ever and the survival of these institutions is paramount. 

To help facilitate this unprecedented effort, jMUSE has partnered with the Council of American Jewish Museums (CAJM) to help advance the field. Though a new series of virtual sessions with thought leaders, jMUSE and CAJM are working to 1) talk through survival strategies at this unprecedented time, 2) discuss best use of resources, and 3) ultimately empower museums to be more relevant and impactful.

Interested in participating, please email info@jmuse.org